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  • Responding to your CMT I would like...

    Shiny|Mew|Rash|Lv. 100|HP;339
    Stats, 218/215/243/187/226

    for my zangoose
    how exactly do people hack check? are they checkin' the SID on the pokemon?
    Or are they judging by the info given?
    so im guessing he is in a materball, yes?
    if you list his info i think i could check it.
    flawless IV'd latios, , shiny totodile, shiny piplup, shiny latias, these are things i have on hand, i can attach some items to make them more valueable, do you want them all with items? cause' i'll give you all these for the mew. and what ball is he caught in?
    Oh.. I thought you only needed the IVs and I was going to save you the trouble since I can check them with an AR code. Anyway add this FC and I'll meet you for the battle.
    0389 3997 8468
    If you have an action replay it is even easier. go to google and type in IV action replay code and it will give you sites that have them. I can find out the IV's for a whole box of pokemon in less that 20 seconds.
    On the only things you need to put down to find out IV's is:

    then it gives you IV's. the lower the level the more IV options it gives you. Hidden power is not needed to put in to find out
    Sorry I dont have the codes to do that. I can try and find one but until then I cant. Sorry
    or what you could do is look into some other threads where they have iv and ev checking services
    you hafta know exactly every ev in the poke i really would iv and ev check all your mons but my wifi isnt working swear to god
    not sure whats wrong with serebiis you type in all info then click calculate individual values ............................................................... .. .are you trolling me
    ok im tired of this do you have an AR cuss you have all these nice pokes in your thread but no ivs
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