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  • ok, i´m available now :)
    I need this:
    Larvitar:Pursuit/stealth rock/superpower
    Muchlax:Double edge/Curse/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch
    Riolu:Vacuum wave
    Rotom:Signal Beam

    *2 clones of each poke with those moves
    You can keep a copy, if you want a nn let me know
    NO WTF, I spent all day advancing my frame to 13818 and I don't get a kyogre with shinyness or the right IV's?!?!?! Darn it! =(
    Yeah, actually I just searched up a new one since I was confused and got a delay of 13818 -_- but I'm at 12000 something right now so I hope I did it right!
    Well here's what I searched in PokeRNG:

    Search for: Shiny (TID: 54399 SID: 37424), Modest nature, HP: >= 30, Atk: >= 0, Def: >= 30, SpA: >= 30, SpD: >= 30, Spe: >= 30, Min. delay: 479, Max. delay: 639, Year: 2011

    PID: 86E5C0AF (Modest, ability 1), IVs: 31/2/31/31/31/31, seed: 9E0C027D, delay: 626 (year: 2011), method 1: 3814, K (synch): 3799, K (no synch): None, HP: Dragon 70

    Does that mean I should go for that seed and that delay or something? Like would I imput that seed into seed to times?
    Ok, so I got my seed, it's 850C027D with a delay of 626, and to hit it I have to hit the time 12:12:57 August 8, in KazoWAR's video he almost always gets something really close to it, but mine are never close to my I doing something wrong?
    Ok, I'm at Kyogre and I've got my seed and everything, so I'm trying to hit my delay. But whenever Kazowar resets and then continues he has a different number in the memory, but when I do it I always get the same number no matter what...can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Edit: Nvm i figured it out, wen I put it the current seed location from RNG helper I forgot to switch it to HG/SS, but I have another question, my delay is 626, so when I re-load the save state, should I load it quickly, or slowly? When I load it right away I always get around around 1500 but when I did it slowly, it was still around 1800...
    Yeah, I downloaded all the programs he used =) also I'm almost at the hidden tower =D although I'm not quite sure how to hit my delay since half the time I checked it (Last time I tried to RNG kyogre) it showed up as invalid in the seed to time finder...
    Ok, thanks for the video =) I'll watch it now and if I can do it, I'll make sure to send you a copy of my first RNG =)

    Edit: I've watched that video before and I basically got it, but I think I messed up somewhere when I got to the kyogre (Or groudon in his video)

    Edit 2: Last time I tried was around a week ago, I'm retrying it now and I just finished abusing my ID/SID =D now time to go catch kyogre...
    I'm back on with my Platinum. I don't need a copy back of Dratini. I already had it cloned.
    Use my Platinum. And if Heatran is nn'd, please un-nn it. Ill add you and see you on with my White version first.
    I just had someone finish training that. I have Dratini either UT @ lvl 1, or 252 Atk/252 SpAtk/4 Def @ lvl 100.
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