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  • I can shift. Just being sure it could get D-Pulse. If it's trained, I'd prefer it that way (I'm lazy like that).

    There is one other Gen 4, but it's not a Smogon standard set. I need a Modest Tentacool/cruel with Giga Drain, Hydro Pump and either HP Fire 70, or HP Ground 70.
    If they are on a gen 5 cart, do they have Dragon Pulse?

    If no, are they available on a Gen 4 cart?

    I'll be interested in the Timid one regardless, but prefer HP Electric and D-Pulse both if possible.
    Hey, I'm interested in a Careful Jirachi you said you've recently RNG'd. Please CMT, I'm willing to offer credits.
    Oh, and my public ip doesn't correspond with my laptop's, don't know if that matters
    Firt of all, congrats on your 1 million digital album downloads, Eminem sir. Anyways, thing is I'm trying to set up shinygts to distribute my milotic but been unsuccessful this far. I don't know exactly what the problem is. Im using windows xp through my MacBook which connected to the Internet with an airport express which is in turn receiving from a modem which connects to the Internet with cable, not Ethernet. I checked and both of the ports are open because I can send and receive mons with ir gts bw. I'm thinking there's probably a problem forwarding the dns, but to be honest I've no idea how to do anything.
    Oops. I found sth wrong with the ss. The frames are 9027. Not what the one that I showed you was. :(
    Please, check it.
    (I saw it now, after I played through all the game. :()

    EDIT: Actually just forget it. POKERNG showed to me wrong. :P
    How's going my friend?
    Because tomorrow I'll go to my village when you finish with the files send them to my e-mail: Thanks. =)
    Ok. Thanks. I want Soul Silver. Gender: Male OT: Bob (again)
    PID: 6973C6B1 Timid Ability: 1 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP: Ice 70 Seed: C5150212 Delay: 519 (I usually hit 491 or 493) Frames (Method 1): 63 Method J (no synch): 16 Method J (symch): 4.

    I think there is a Modest one too. So if you can RNG both in that game like the last time.
    Also if you can RNG one more game too. Heart Gold Gender: Male OT: Bob
    PID: A181A31E Adamant 31/31/30/20/30/31 HP: Poisson 59 Seed: 19120275 Delay: 618 Frames (Method 1): 42 Method J (no synch): None Method J (synch): 35.

    Let me know. Thanks in advance. =)
    Hey, could I get all those Shaymin and Deoxy's you distributed? I recieved them once, but now I cannot find them :/
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