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  • Whenever you see me online you can leave a VM or just tell me when you can trade.
    I cannot today or tomorrow. Saturday I am free so could we trade then ? Sorry I blame it on school
    Bad timing: I'm trying to RNG Latias. Let's try tomorrow unless I get it soon.
    You can't trade now?

    Ok, here's who still needs the prize:

    Shiny Pachirisu
    Fuck you all
    Kei Chan

    Their FCs are in the giveaway thread. If you see any of them on, VM them and tell them that you can distribute to them. I'll still distribute if I see them on, so you won't be the only one distributing :] Thanks!
    That would be nice :] I'm only having trouble finding people online, but help would be great.

    I just missed you! Your last sign-in was an hour ago, and I was at school, so if you could get online an hour later than your usual time, then I'm sure we could meet up. I could get you your Tauros and the Torchic to distribute ^_^
    Are you sure? Because it's kind of my fault you haven't gotten the Tauros yet. I'm busy trying to get the winners their pokemon, so I'm not really paying attention to anyone else. To make it up to you, would you like the Torchic from my most recent giveaway, and the Tauros? :]

    I'll make sure to look for you so we can trade!
    I'll be on for another hour. If you can't trade, then we'll have to wait until tomorrow.
    Are you able to pick up your Tauros now? :] If so, which FC do I use?
    Sure you can keep a copy. I would like 6 copies of my quiet Heatran. Use pearl fc and see you on. :P
    It should've been faster, but I was multi-tasking and I took a while to hit my delay. I can trade for another hour or so. Let me know when you're ready; I will use my brand new SS FC and if you still want that Gligar I can bring it to the trade.
    HP ice isn't possible with all 31s in IVs. If you want it shiny, then choose a HGSS hatch location.
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