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  • could you please close the thread in my signature please? The trade thread please, it says What is this?, I don't even...
    hey, I've posted this on other mods walls, but have not answered me yet, so I decided to ask you, I just hope you can help me:

    How can I use an animation used in Macromedia Flash to use as my avatar? I made something, but I can't find a way to use it as avatar. When I try to out it, it always says Invalid File. What would I do? Thank you.
    Heh, your article 'How to Avoid Getting Caught' was one of the funniest things I've ever read! I look forward to future articles by you in The Smog.
    I'm IronBullet93 and i'm eligible for uu voting having gotten an alt of mine to 2nd on the leaderboard. However I'm quite new to competitive battling and hence don't know about the paragraphs needed. Can u help?
    cool, now if you want something entertaining to do as a mod, view the infractions a got as a new user :)
    well deserved ops
    well deserved mods
    for a deserving user

    congrats big jabba :D
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