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  • actually my ds fell out of my lap and on to the couch and the ar popped out :( gimme like 5 more mins
    Hi Jcors! If you're free now, do you mind trading my giveaway pokemon to my other distributor, Osostewie? =) It's alright if you're busy, though! =) Thanks for everything! I would trade him myself but I'm really busy now, a lot of things to settle. D:
    ok i check it and it seems legit , enjoy ur new poke :P , is redis just put my name within , this latis is redis ???
    what the iv's of that groudon , and what's your FC , if have msn add me , mine is and my FC is in my thread
    do u have msn??? -Adamant -near flawless Darkrai
    modest-near flawless alamos darkrai
    timid-near flawless darkrai 31 spe iv
    naive hp fire 70 darkrai
    jolly mew-near flawless
    jolly jirachi-near flawless

    :/ I know Im asking for a lot: but heres my offers, I dont have a trade thread yet since schools really gotten in the way and threads cant display good on a dsi::
    modest flawless kyogre
    timid shiny flawless mewtwo
    timid shiny flawless latias
    timid shiny flawless raikou
    adamant shiny flawless arceusu have all that pokes ?? if that's right i want them , if not let me know what pokes do u have of my want plz
    Well, it's been pretty hard. I started off well, hitting 300 subs pretty quickly since I used to battle a LOT on youtube. Then I came to smogon and I've been uploading battles ever since. I don't really advertise, besides my sig, so I haven't gained many subs since. I just upload battles, and hope people watch them I don't really do anything to TRY to get subs or views. Battling the occasional "famous" person helps a little.
    I don't really understand what you mean by "large following"
    I think it might mean large fan base / viewers or something along those lines?
    "91010 communication error"
    Also known as You DCd because you let me get +6 and there was nothing you could have done to avoid the 5-0.
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