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  • Well, i am also inrested in your UT winters zombie azelf...
    Also, I got a new router a few days ago. I had to reset my wifi settings, and in the process I ended up having to erase all of my Pal Pad, including my FC. I have a new FC, updated into my signature now. (I think its 0046 0147 4855)
    Alright, so can I get 2 copies: 1 wiped, and 1 EVed? Is that extra or no? I can go onto wifi whenever now. I just had dinner.
    Sounds good. So you have 1 credit left. How about the UT of the Kingdra though? I was looking to use it for a Rain+DD set if possible :P
    Sooo, you want the hasty ghastly, and Vaporeon's Vaporeon. I wanted your adamant DD kingdra with the EV set listed (max atk and speed) + an UT copy of it (if possible). IDK whats going on with credits or etc, just VM me with whatever is going on.
    Sorry i am at the hospital. Took a friend there... :/
    Yeah. Check my sig for the link.
    Its under construction atm.

    Lol i love Hatsune Miku! :)

    Check the last post in my shop! :)
    USA, atm, i have residence in Japan.
    I only own a AR Dsi and i have no idea how to use it T.T
    I manually inpit codes
    Yah...i guess. They practically wanted me to go cause i am lazy...a little lazy.
    Well language barrier is hard to get over, and long distance relationships dont work out too well. Mind you, the apartment i live in is a bit shabby, but i finally got wifi set up iver there so when i get back to Kobe i can trade pakamans still!

    Me and kippy will start a joint thred once B&W comes out as an english patch.
    Or if i have money and decide to buy it over there haha
    You are lucky...i dont have a job yet. My parents are paying for my room and board oversees haha.

    Well i am done so i will meet you in wofi shortly! :D
    Ooh. I had that problem with selecting my courses this year...
    It sux cuz i am a freshmen in college in a different country... XD

    Well, i am trdibg right now, so if you are still available in like 10-20 mins id be happy to trade! :)

    And i hope you don't mind me using them as parents then, and listing the offspring in my thread...
    Sure jeff.
    Lemme grab your FC and i will be in.
    When i cloned for Chocalate-Kipp, i seem to have cloned some of your pokemon as well.
    "Lloyd" "Larry" and "Chocalate" were among these..
    These are NFT right?

    [EDIT] NVM i see tht you are off. Just Vm me whenever and we can work out a trade time! :)
    Sorry about not getting to you sooner but yeah the whole family came over for Christmas so yeah...anyways since you are offering

    Lebowski's Porygon 2 (NN: Avast)
    Bold/ trace
    252 hp/ 216 def/ 40 sp att
    Ice Beam/ Thunderbolt/ Recover/ Thunderwave

    Could I get this? and Merry Christmas! cant trade now
    I can clone the Hitmontop and hand it back to you. Sorry for the late response but I was cutting string beans for dinner
    I have to give up, my internet connection won't allow me to battle right now. It's just as well, I'm a mediocre opponent with how rusty I am.

    I'm just trying to endure the agonizingly slow wait for B/W.

    Thank you for your patience, perhaps we can battle another time.
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