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  • Just post saying you are asking for VGC pokemon if you could. It makes it easier for me to keep track of things. But sure! Just let me know if it needs tutored etc and what game you want it in.
    I run a YouTube channel and I'm friends with shofu and DMAC. I can send you a PM with information on how to upload if you want.
    Aight so I got my Starting PID, and I am 100% sure that it is 52. And the seed I am trying to hit is 56, so does that mean I use chatter 4 times, then pick up my egg?
    Once again, that doesn't tell me anything.

    Date: 9/29/2011; Time: 0:02.39; Timer0: C7C; VCount: 60; VFrame: 6; Key1: Left; Key2: Start. Hit calculate seed: 18CC9BEF49286CA0.

    That should be an easy one, since you'll be able to determine starting PID and only have to do a few advancements.
    Most likely, you hit your other Timer0. Most people have an alternate Timer0, which adjusts the frames. If you can't locate the frame you landed on, that's most likely the problem. Simply try again.
    Since you can't really tell if/when the NPC moves, you can't tell how many advancements it does. If you want to go less Chatot advancements, try, but obviously adjust if you don't get the right one.
    Nope. Once you pick up the egg, the IVs and nature are set. So if it ends up being the wrong one, simply reset and redo everything again, adjusting if needed.
    Not necessary. I'm very happy with my Terrakion.

    As long as you keep everything the same, yes, you can continue doing this tomorrow.
    Got it. If you've done everything correctly, then yes, your starting PID is 53. So now, reset your game, do your RNG process the same way, and this time, before you pick up the egg, go to the Pokemon Party menu and listen to Chatot 73 times; since you're starting PID is 53 and your goal is 126, that's how many times you have to listen to Chatot to advance the PID frame.
    my initial seed is the one with a PID Frm of 126. I think it is the 6th one from the top. The seed code is: EABF12CB730BD240
    I need to know your seed in order to continue helping out. You also said you're using an Everstone, right?
    You filled in everything in the eggs tab, right? If so, in order to determine your starting PID, you need to hatch the egg. Once hatched, you check the stats, nature, characteristics, gender, etc., and compare it with the results in the eggs tab. And you can't use quick hatch. The starting PID for an egg seed will most often then not change.
    Really? Are you saying that those IVs you listed in the Simple Request thread aren't right? If you're not looking for a shiny Pokemon and the IVs you listed were right, then I guarantee you should be able to find over 1000 seeds with the IVs you want. = Video I made that may help.

    Anyways, from what I gathered, you're just looking for a flawless Deino with Dark Pulse. You already put in the parents, the Day Care Guy has an egg ready, and your saved with a party of at least one Chatot and a Flame Body/Magma Armor ability Pokemon, right?
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