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  • Yeah I can trade would you be up to a UU after? :D
    Swampy is on my HG
    But id like Ape on my Plat since thats where all my OU stuff is
    And ill just use your SS code for both trades
    Ill send swampy over to SS first, clone and send a copy back
    Then ill meet you on with my plat and sned over a junk poke for the ape
    Heading on shortly :)
    I just looked a bit further in RNG Reporter and found a flawless spread; however, the time between resetting and clicking on Registeel is a bit over 12 hours...
    I found a Sassy spread, 30 / 30 / 31 / X / 31 / X, that's hopefully good enough for you. It's the only spread I could find within 6 hours, since the seed is 0 every time you reset in Emerald.
    The move tutor moves are no problem at all; I have quite a few battle points if I can remember. The only problem is finding someone with Emerald who hasn't caught Registeel yet. I'm positive I can get it within the month, but next Sunday I'm vacationing with no access to electricity for a week, so attempts will be limited.
    Okay. Anyways, I'm in the middle of abusing my pokewalker so I can't trade yet. By the way, are you still able to talk to mattj?
    I got the Registeel from my cartridge already, but I can probably borrow my friend's and get it from there. I'm not entirely sure how long it will take, but I can see. Do you have any specific deadline for it?
    ok i will make sure to check and let you know if they are wrong. Thank you also. Raikou is one of my favorite pokemon. ^^
    OK i am ready. Just in case you did not catch my FC its 2493 6693 7965. ^^ thank you and i will meet you in wifi.
    Meh... I'm not sure. I know some people that might be able to do one for you. RockinX, Timetwister (not sure if those two can do catches), Rysta, and Eppie.
    I'd like the bronzor shiny, please. Damn, man... I worked hard on that careful Munchlax. Sucks big time. -_-
    Hey, you told me to VM you about learning to RNG in Emerald. I have the basics down pretty much, it seems a lot simpler than 4th gen.
    Hey man. I got your message. Unfortunately... I lost a copy of the careful munchlax because my save file was corrupted. -_- I only have an adamant one with the same IVs. I don't know if you'd still like that, though.
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