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  • The little help I've gotten...some have recommended dropping Discharge and Taunt on Thundurus for Thunderbolt and Substitute, since I've been seeing a lot of Mental Herb Cresselia. Others have said that if I really want to make the best of Tyranitar, to go with Brave and go flu physical, in addition to stating that Fighting-types will be a pain and to consider replacing Ninetales. What do you think of those suggestions?
    No I do not, but I could most likely get one once I have access to the dw again :)
    I'm actually looking for someone who can help me out/tutor in tge arts of doubles/VGC. In other words, I don't have a real team at the moment (only on PO). Most of my efforts in gaining suggestions to fix current team have been in vain and while it works, I feel tge team is lacking something. So essentially, looking for a teach.

    Of course, I'll be happy to compensate in any way.
    I asked about it in Dragonspiral Tower and someone said you can get them in Windswept Sky. Unfortunately, I cannot access the Dream World...
    Ah, I see. Maybe I'll contact MattJ instead, so that I can have the Weavile in gen IV?
    Sure. I wasn't going to teach it any tutor moves (it already comes with Ice Punch if I recall correctly?).
    Wow, that sucks. My first DS had it's upper screen destroyed once I dropped it on a pavement near my house and I had to buy a new one D: I still use the first one for trades though, so it's not completely useless.

    Well then, until next time!
    Well, I guess I will wait until you get another one from MattJ, so that we won't have to get through the trouble of finding each other online multiple times. Are you ok with that?
    I would love to have Swampert trained. :) So maybe we will trade Crobat for Weavile, and then Victini and Swampy for fodders?
    Oh yeah, some info about your Crobat (yours will obviously have all the moves you have ordered):

    Crobat ♀ [OT: Felix] [ID: 33543]

    Timid | Inner Focus
    31 / 2 / 31 / 30 / 30 / 31
    Hatched at Dark Cave | Date: 7 Nov 2011
    Available: UT (Zubat lv.1) | In Generations: IV, V
    Notable moves: Nasty Plot (Egg), Hidden Power Ground 70
    Notes: Breeding Project for Joel.
    Your Crobat is now ready :) In which gen are we going to trade? It's currently in my Platinum version.
    Hey, I've finished RNGing your Zubat just a moment ago. I already taught it Giga Drain and Roost, but unfortunately Zubat cannot learn Dark Pulse. What should I do?
    I said we need it, and he said Done.
    Then after some more chat he said he needed to cycle the DMP too, and he cycled it. And I am losing so many posts.
    WildEep does fast service. I asked him for a thread for people like you, and he made it in secs.
    Oh, that's a tough choice. Perish Song is pretty amazing considering you more or less win automatically if you take down 3 Pokémon. You'd think they'd put Friend Guard on more Pokémon, or at least one fully evolved one.
    I'm agreeing with you that Jiggly is useful and more than pulling her weight. We're saying the same thing, haha.
    I know what Jigglypuff was doing lol. But since it's just using its ability, really all it's doing is indeed protecting itself from dying so it can continue to do so and then Perish Song, right?
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