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  • hey man, were you interested in some of Xia's other Ampharos'? i've got them all now.
    Thank! And yeah you make a great decision

    I don't want to start as in past, but just doing some battle when I want :)
    I'm good I guess... I stopped playing too, and to be honest, I want to avoid starting again... Takes too much time and I have more important things to take care of. Also, I'm going to university in England next year and I don't want pokemon to get in the way, so yeah...

    Good luck with whatever plans you have. :)
    Hi Underworld!!!How are you :)
    I'm trying to come back in the pokemon world :) but it's horrible...pokemon to re-train learn the RNG :S and most imprtant busy at university waiting for news for a job private life...I hope this month will finish soon so I know somenthing of my future :)
    And what about you? Everything is good?

    e.j. no I haven't sorry try Sparko
    Hey, about the snippet in your thread about asking for redis pokemon. Do you have any redis Kingdra?
    I'm busy..very busy :)
    University, looking for a job, studying friend house :S
    I haven't time to do nothing in the pokemon world :)
    I'd like to complete my wants trading for it (they are now less than 20 including neh HG SS pokemon :D) tutor the pokemon and play only roulette :P
    That kind of battle are the only one that I can do with my poor time :P
    I am doing okay, thanks Jonnie. I was busy the past few weeks moving into a new apartment. I have been playing through SoulSilver rather leisurely, without importing any Pokemon from my Pearl file, to have some semblance of a challenge for myself. I have the first 8 badges so far. I have been around still, I just have not been trading or contributing much. What have you been up to?
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