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  • Hey man, I'll probably be online for the next 6 hours, but I won't be refreshing Smogon every 10 minutes XD
    I'll refresh it every 1 hour or so, hope to see you on :)
    I believe I already asked that, but if I did, I forgot. And I don't want to search through old pms/messages xD
    What's you GMT? So I know when to find you xP
    lol, sorry for not being very active this days man. New computer, Flyff (a MMORPG) took over my life along with me helping my cousin with his finals >_> I'll be online to pick up the pokes starting...Friday, because his finals end on Friday morning ;)
    Yeah, lol xD I think I even have a picture of my farm somewere in my albums, an old pic thought :D
    Hidden power for Girafarig is fire 66-67 (don't remember xD). Oh no! No nightmares ;___;
    Purugly is something like 22/31/30+/x/30+/31 (4 hp / 252 Atk / 252 speed) and girafarig 25/x/24/30/31/30 (Ev's 4 hp / 252 spAtk / 252 speed I think).

    I'm back on Wi-fi now :) Hopefully I didn't forget something xD
    I'll be ready really soon, just tutoring the last pokémon :) You keep whatever you want ^^
    Naughty Flygon Outrage for Draco Meteor

    Alakazam Signal Beam for Hidden Power

    Specs Frosslass Trick for Hidden Power

    Shiny Starmie Trick for Recover

    Timid Xatu Signal Beam Heat Wave for Shadow Ball Hidden Power
    Okay see you :) and you can keep the pokés I sending you ^^ Tell me what moves you want tutored too :P
    Oh so many xD I can platinum tutor maybe 5-6 pokes right now if you up for it, but not HG SS cause I feel a bit lazy right now (I've been busy with cleaning and stuff for like 6 hours today):/
    Aw :D Well I have to say I like italian food way more than swedish food. At least Pizza and almost everything with pasta :heart:

    I can tutor on both platinum and Soul silver, you might wanna check with their breeders. I won't keep any copies thought ^^
    Haha okey :D I gonna quit university next year (or at least take a break) so I sure hope I'll get a job :D Or maybe I have to be a test person for some evil medicine company or sell panties to pantie-sniffers D:

    My mum lived and worked in Garda (don't know if I spelled it right), thats in north italy right? I've been there too, when I was maybe 8-9 years^^
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