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  • Sure. Let me add your fc. I'll wait on wifi for you to return with the clone after we trade, ok?
    Yea, you can train them and yea, you will get the pokes you asked for. Sorry for my late replay, I have been Working since 9 am O.O
    Unfortunately I have to go now. I don't think it has anything to do with the version since I used to use that version a while ago. If you could get me some images, you could upload them to imageshack or something that would be helpful. Good Night!
    that's odd. The only one I cant click it's the copy full seed one. Try closing time finder and going back. The result should still be there.
    could you tell me exactly what you see. If you could take a screen shot that would be helpful.
    Go back to RNG reporter and right click into your result. Go to "Generate More times" Another window will pop up.
    Yes. Now go back into Eontimer. HGSS advances the delay slower than the other games you might want to change what you have with something around 480-500. Leave the seods at 14.
    We're going to look for another seed. In time finder set everything like I did before but leave the Speck Attack blank. Set the minimum delay to 485 and maximum to 700. Set the minimum frame to 73 and maximum to 73. Select Nature Adamant as well as the syncronizer. In HGSS we're going to use Method K and finally set it as stationary pokemon. Hit Generate.
    make sure to have the syncronizer first and to customize chatter. Then save and turn off the game.
    if that's so then you will have to save before you go up the last stairs since the radio won't work on top of the tower.
    Tell one thing first tough; are the roamers still out there or did you catch them?
    ok then. You still need to get everything I told but instead of the coin flip you will to
    -Have shown a pokemon with pokerus to Nurse Joy
    -Have shown togepi to the Professor
    -Have being into Kanto.

    Have you done all that?
    Take your character to where you find dialga. Make sure you save in front of the portal. Make sure you have everything I told you, you will need to custimize chattots chatter, save and let me know when you're done.
    Found this one "D2140289"
    >Go to time finder and fill everything just like I did:
    I couldn't find any good spread with that seed. Would you mind if I look one for you?
    -Open Eontimer
    -Click the "Gen IV" tab
    -Set calibrated delay to any number between 615 and 630
    -Set Calibrated sec to 14
    We're gonna leave it there and move to RNG reporter now.
    Could you tell me the seed you're planning on using?
    First of all you'll need
    Your Poketch should have the
    -Coin Flip App.
    -At least a chattot with the move chatter.
    -A syncronizer.
    -A catcher
    -RNG reporter

    //That's all you're going to need.
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