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  • Sigh.... I'm sorry, that I haven't shown up on time to trade, when you come back on line, let me know when you're ready so we can work on a schedule.
    Absolutely, I'll be around this evening. Do you want it EV'd or clean, or nicknamed?
    Well.. I'm in the central time zone. So you're time is probably 2 hours behind, right?
    Hey JT, I apologize for the delay, I was completely off-scheduled. When would you like to trade?

    PS - if you add me to your friendlist, you'll be able to send me vms/pms.
    Heya, I'm available to trade in like 10 minutes if you are :)

    (just gotta clone the mons you requested then I'll be ready)
    Np, I'm not in hurry and real life goes always first of course. :) I'm working during nights so it's pretty hard to meet around that time. In what timezone do you live btw?
    No thanks, but sorry, I have to cancel the trade, I got another one from somebody else... Anything else you have to offer? Also, what was I going to trade you again? Can't quite remember...
    hi, could i plz trade for this pokemon :)
    Accelgor *

    OT: Joey
    ID: 29317
    (Hasty)♂ IVS: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Ability: Sticky Hold

    Held Item: Focus Sash
    EVS: (6HP/252SpAtk/252Spe)
    Bug Buzz
    Hi, please let me know when you do have time for a trade if you still want that turtwig. :) Btw do you want to trade for IV or V gen?
    Sorry for the AFK...had to go somewhere, we can trade tomorrow afternoon if you can.
    Thanks alot for the trade, Sorry it took so long! I was frustrated with my Wi-Fi and forgot about the moves so had to shift a few times..sorry again it didnt go smoothly.
    I also did not uncap porygon and zubat since they will evolve with their named uncapped.
    My White, Sorry this has taken so long...I accidently shifted the Munchlax and skarm without fire punch and roost.
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