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  • Hey Zelen, was wondering if your VC Ho-Oh is also available without the nickname.
    Will CMT for it if it is.
    I have set up so only friends and mods can pm me, otherwise I get a ton of spam pms.
    Thank you. Could you just pm me the vital information (date/time/keypresses, the starting frame and shiny frame)?
    Thank you, but unfortunately I have no way of downloading the file (I don't have a working computer atm..)
    That works: Here. Tutor over Yawn?

    Thanks again, let me know if I can do something for you!
    Ah, thanks so much! .pkm file would work, what's the best way to send it to you? Set it to public on Pokecheck for a bit? Sorry, I'm kinda new.
    Brilliant work, he will make an awesome Trick Room Viking haha. Thanks again, I will get right onto training him now.
    If you wish to train the slowking with that exact moveset for yourself then yeah, that's no problem at all. I personally am more than happy to simply grab the .pkm file for the untrained, un-tutored slowpoke off you if that doesn't bother you at all.
    Wow thankyou. I am looking for as flawless as possible and male. It will eventually become a slowking with a unusual set I have been using with great success on PO. Belly Drum, Trick Room, Drain Punch and Zen Headbutt. Don't worry about levelling or anything though, I can handle all that. Thankyou again for your generousity.
    Hey there Zelen! Seen you around pokecheck, thankyou for sharing some great RNG's with us :) I'll point out first that I have probably don't have anything of much interest to give you in return so I totally understand if you aren't interested anymore haha. I'm looking for a Brave, non-shiny Belly Drum Slowpoke with Regenerator - hopefully that is of some interest to you. Thanks for the response!
    Replied to you in the help thread, but I don't know how often you look at it. If you haven't, upgrade to 1.6. You can then update with the second you hit to fix the calibration.
    Sry, I can't use it :/

    Ok, but I can offer you other Pokémon, too (Need the Tentacruel as well^^)
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