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  • Hi I'm your opponent for the Items Tournament R1. I know we have a Major Time Difference will you let me know when you can battle?
    Oh, nevermind then, sorry, I know the mence, it's the same one I have, I wanted a different one since this one was kind of suspicious.
    Timid Kyogre
    Adamant Giratina
    Naive Rayquaza
    Jolly Arcanine
    Jolly Terrakion
    Adamant Conceldurr
    Adamant Torterra
    Jolly Chomp

    What do you want to trade for it out of these? Also, what is the OT on it?
    In response to you asking for vgc mons, where are you gonna be playing vgc since nationals will be tomorrow?
    Sure. I am assuming you the Dragonite for zapdos, correct? Please post the zapdos information on my thread so I can decide. Thanks.
    Sorry but no thanks. Also, I will get back to you when I can, no need to post twice.
    Your Abomansnow is ok :) I just offered that since it's available for everyone. I need one minute to clone my Entei.
    Hi sorry! I prolly missed it. My friends are all graduating so I've been at graduation parties all weekend. xD
    Both are public on pokecheck, so they're fully redis. Just be sure to give me credit for breeding them if you trade them :)
    Sure, just give me like 5 minutes to clone the bred machop and salamence and I'll be ready.

    What's your FC, by the way? use the white FC in my sig/on my profile.
    Aaah, Sorry, I've forgotten about this :/
    It's going to be really difficult to trade before VGC as I'm going to be away most of next week and the whole of the week after. I'm probably going to have to cancel this. I'm sure there will be lots other members who could give you what you need, maybe you could try Biosci? Also, I apologise sincerely for messing you around, I feel really bad... :(
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