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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    I am thinking of pairing Tapu Lele with Mega-Metagross (Rock Polish sweeper set). Is this viable? If yes, what pokemon would go well with them?
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    Let's Play! Pokemon Moon w/Oddish

    Thought you were literally going on a Nutzlock adventure with only Oddish, then I noticed your username Anyway, I enjoyed this thread! Keep it up!
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Datamine + Full Game Leaks Collection (Read the OP)

    The Ultra Beasts are all inspired by household items or pests. I'm beginning the think that Gamefreak is developing a new franchise and Pokemon SuMo will serve as some sort of backdoor pilot.
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    Binary Battles

    Instead of hard-coding a new metagame, can we not just start two battles on pokemon showdown with the same team and make sure the pokes sent out cannot overlap? Unless I am missing something? Either way I don't think I will completely understand the rules until a see a reply lol
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    Pokémon Picross General Discussion

    Can I get some clarifications on the pay-to-win aspects? So basically we need to either pay or wait a very long time for new puzzles? And even if I am infinitely skillful in solving the puzzles I can't finish the game without buying picrites?
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    Pokémon Go | Halloween Event! 2x Candy Galore, Costumed Gen 1 Starters, Shiny Yamask, and Darkrai in Tier 5 raids!

    Anyone noticed that the trailer is just like the one Google made to promote the Google Maps Pokemon challenge?
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    Interest in a Smeargle Solo Run 'Blog'?

    I agree with Pikachu315111. Obviously how many people will read your story depends on how good of a writer you are, but in general we all love a good read and the premise sounds pretty interesting to me. So I am definitely giving the first chapter a read if you decide to go ahead!
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    New Pokémon silhouette leak (maybe Zygarde form?)

    The higher res image that BlazingFlareon uploaded a few posts above pretty much confirms the Zygarde connection for me, from the hexagonal middle eye and the five-split crown thing. The other distinctive feature of the silhouette is its towering height, which reminds us of the Yggdrasil, and...
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    Research I programmed Snake into Pokemon Silver using only glitches

    At first I thought you programmed in Metal Gear Solid sprites or something lol This is so much more sophisticated and impressive!
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    Modest Evolutions

    But Mywtwo actually makes sense and sounds just like Mewtwo lol And Mmpharos is just Ampharos (you pronounce the letter "M")
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    If a base pokemon borrows move from its mega form typing, does it need to hold the megastone? e.g. If Gyarados learns a Dark type move, does it have to hold Gyaradosite?
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    On Lugia: I can understand the choice of Psychic typing as in the manga it is depicted as warping the water around itself in a sphere (kind of like water bending in Avatar), instead of swimming through water itself. It is also depicted as possessing telepathy in the anime (I think?). On Palkia...
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    How do you pick a version?

    I see that someone's pretty obsessed with the topic lol Pikachu315111
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    Introducing the OU (no Mega) Ladder

    As far as Justified mons go, the OU viable ones are Lucario, Terrakion, Cobalion (some niche as volt switch SR setter I heard?), Keldeo (lol mixed Keldeo any takers?) Toxic Orb Breloom I can also agree once you have got the toxic status. As for other bulky Fighting / Fairy mons I still see them...
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    Introducing the OU (no Mega) Ladder

    LOL this paranoid conspiracy stuff needs to stop. Why must there be some kind of "hidden agenda" / "end game" / "long-term goal"? At the moment I just see it as a fun new ladder, and in a sense a glorified Other Metagame - indeed, wasn't there a mega-less idea in the OM forum? Whether this will...