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  1. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 1 (Includes Predictions Tournament)

    lost to loki 1-0 in a close game gg loki gl in the other rounds
  2. The Smogon Frontier [No Winners]

    Shoddy Username- Kane Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: Canada Time Zone: EST Favourite Pokemon: Pidgeot
  3. The Battle Tower Tourney [Round 2]

    won both games 2-0 and 3-0, gg shelcario.
  4. The Battle Tower Tourney [Round 2]

    pmed shelcario, he is online and has not responded yet
  5. The Battle Tower Tourney [Round 1]

    been on since 10 pm, pmed opponent at 1145 while he was online received no reply although he was online, and than he logged off
  6. The Battle Tower Tourney [Round 1]

    replied to shelcario, hopefully we'll get it done tonight.
  7. The Battle Tower Tourney [Round 1]

    pmed shelcario back waiting for reply
  8. The Battle Tower Tourney [Signups]

    in if 64
  9. The Wyoming Tournament - Round Twee

    lost to kd24 2-1 he pulled out a staravia with fly and it was still glitched so i basically lost.
  10. Ultimate Cup: Sign Ups

    In if there's still room