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  • Please, snorlax is what's called complete garbage in a metagame filled with fighting-types and powerful physical attackers. Can it work? Sure. Can other pokemon do better? Yes
    I'm not going to clog up the Choice Scarf thread with any more of this but out of all the pokemon you listed:

    all of the except Azumarill are complete and utter garbage in the current metagame. Even Azumarill can't do much because 9 out of 10 times Volcarona is setting up in the sun. On top of that none of the choice scarf pokemon you listed can safely come in on Volcarona bar Infernape. They might be "counters" but that's basically saying Claydol counters Terrakion. Yes, it does, but if you're facing a team without a Terrakion then you're basically starting 5-6
    i probably should've replied earlier, thanks for the words. I thought my rmt'd get raped so i stopped looking at it, also i am lazy and didn't want to go looking.
    Yo Kata I was wondering if you'd help me get into sun teams. I'm an SS user myself but after reading some of your posts I've been interested although I haven't got a clue where to begin (Outside of Ninetales of course). If you can hit me up on Skype or something, name is OverlordTao. Thanks.
    Sup. Even though you were a little out of line in the UU thread, your posts about sun are the shit. Real talk, keep it up.
    Yeah, I thought it was you! I have a couple of your hacks in my game. Really like your Leaf vertex.
    I want to thank you for such an intelligent post in the suspect nom thread. We need more people like you.
    Hallo, I happen to love weather team. I've gone rain (its my fav :D) but with all the rain counters up and about, I'm taking a break and waiting for the ultimate rain god - Keldeo. So anyway, I was looking around for sun teams and saw your's which used things against the norm in sun teams. I feel like doing the same thing due to tran walling me. Do you know any good sun sweepers that aren't the norm?
    Hey Katakiri,

    Met one guy on PBC who stole your team and claimed it as his own. Talked to him and he said it was a coincidence (running Durant with Thunder Wave). I have to say that I love your team and I was one of the first to say that on the actual post. It's just a shame people at other channels are claiming it as there own. If you want a script of the guy I chatted with I can give you it. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Lulz simultaneous messages ;D. If at some point you could let me know where it peaks it'd be nice to include that, but aside from that all seems good to me! You may not see any progress until Thursday since I have an exam then, just to let you know lol :|
    See you've updated your team, looks great (aesthetically too, really nice RMT). I assume it's okay if I begin drafting an analysis of it for the article? I'll come to you with it once done since you ofc know the team far better than me and will be able to point out anything big I've missed. With your RMT's detail I should be alright, however.
    Haha yeah I did on my Blackberry whilst out, I was just about to post some more advice actually :).

    I'll wait on your decision about Bisharp's slot since I have some threat lists to be doing for the article atm, so no hurry.
    Haha awesome, well if it works then (Y). Fair play, I'll wait and see if your version with Nidoqueen and Nape does similarly well, since I'd prefer to have a (slightly) more standard team with a few differences than a more wholly unique team, since it's a bit of a better example for new players :P.

    Aha, I have no idea why I didn't know that! Fair enough, that's great then. Keep me posted on if you update the team with Nape and Queen, and if you feel that it's performing as well as the old version (even if it doesn't quite peak as high) then I'll start writing some stuff about it :). May need your help with some stuff in regards to actual synergy since you know far more about the team than I do, if you wouldn't mind.
    Wow, 38th is the best I've heard of a Sun team doing this gen! Just goes to show that originality is an excellent direction to take, I was slightly worried that things like Lilligant KOing TTar wouldn't be reliable once you faced the same opponent twice!

    No screencap is needed, I'll take your word for it :). If when you create a finalised version of the team it could get similarly high that'd be good, as I'd prefer to put in a finalised team ofc.

    A final worry - do you play DW or OU? Since the article is targeted at OU, and I suspect Snorlax is unreleased D:. If so, then I might still include it as an example DW team, but I'll need an OU one as well :P.
    Hey Katakiri, been pointed in the direction of your Sun team by Dezza since I'm looking for one to feature in the OU Sun Article. Yours is inventive and solid, so the main question that remains is how has it done on the ladder, since ideally it'd be good to have a top 40 or so team featured. Will give it a rate later today btw, just have to rush to Uni now! Thanks in advance for your response :)
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