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  • I'm trying dream world tier, and I want to try stall. Any pokemon worth giving a look? And would 5th gen stall require different things than 4th gen?
    this is rikuxking true leader of team keyblade and admin for team magma i am here to report 2users trc boss lux for a mocking avatar, posting my groups private conversation in his photo album and harrasing and bothering my friends and vader fortrying to anex (to take control of)various groups including mine and trying to anex (to take control of) my profile
    just asking whats the best spread for hippowdon in current meta in your opinion ?
    and may i ask what spread are you using in hippo(well im trying to make warstory from that battle TBH so i need the information on the hippowdon)
    Physical threats in this gen is not as powerful as i perceived though stall is more powerful this gen. As for my team you already seen that my filler slot is filled with Specs sazando that help sometime(sometime i consider latios in this slot due to fighting type metagame sometime i consider life orb but sazan has better typing than latios and LO Sazan in sand is easy to take down). Dory actualy act as my spinner(seems stupid need help on this)
    played against you days ago and your gen 5 stall team is too nice it make me unable to sleep for days !
    why are you using Bulk landross and Scarf chomp though ?
    Looks like we are matched up for the Second Chances tournament. When would you like to battle? (I'm GMT -6)
    Well okay I'll try and make a couple fixes.
    Any way to beat Venesaur? I try and taunt it with Gliscor but then it switches out and haxes the crap out of me when it comes back in.
    Okay well the stall team is just suddenly not working. All of a sudden it just stopped winning. I've done nothing different. What's going on?
    because Shoddy 2 (pokeLab) is out, is it OK if I host a Double battle tournament on there? (i'll post an application if you say yes, otherwise, I won't bother)
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