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  • dude, i know this shit is gonna die really soon, so i am going to say this while is not locked yet.

    i learned the hard way womans are only good for a fuck, i know i must sound like a jerk, but its not joke, womans are in this world for a FUCK, nothing more, nothing less, you fuck then, make then have a baby, and run away to texas.

    ok the last part was stupid, but my point is that even if she said yes(i i take you were saying the truth) it would not last, and it would end pretty bad, i am actually just saying all of this because i got nothing else to do besides TRYING to act serious over firebot(lol).
    i know this is internet and everything so i cant believe everything i read, but i just cant ignore something like this, since you do look serious, so i am going to give you a REAL help now and say this: it feels horrible at the start, you wanna suicide and you probably only think that you are stupid and did everything wrong, what is natural in the current situation, i dont know how much time it might last, but trust me, all you can do now is wait and slowly recover, i know i will regret beliving on your words in a way or another(if i am right, the others will fuck me up, if i am wrong, the others and you will be fucking me up) but i dont really care because i already got pathetic reputation around here anyway.

    to put it short, just wait for the pain to go away, love is like iron head jirachi:chances are you will end up losing in the end.
    ok i gotta get the MAN inside me to work again, i gotta stop saying boys are cute.

    damn those girls are ugly, they try to look pretty by using small sized clothes.

    ...damn i think i am gay.

    when i say if someone is cute or not i try to ignore if they exist IRL or not, i really got a problem.

    i never had a problem to say what i am thinking, i made a lot of persons cry with this.

    does anyone else want to see the fire starter become one hell of a bulky tank?
    yeah, this new male character is very cute IMO, red is also very cute, i would love to have both with me....ok that was just gay. *shot itself on the chest with a desert eagle*
    omg...they are the most horrible piece of shit i ever saw in my entire freaking life, forget everything i said about veno, those 3 dont even deserve a fucking chance, i am really considering not playing gen 5 now only because of those shitty starters.
    fores what is that flora fauna blog... it was always sick

    something milk
    Can't you believe you missed this lucalibur gold:

    man, i would enjoy a female bear has my wife...because the human is the most dumb and weak animal in the world, so a strong and wild bear would be perfect for me.
    Silly Foreys, people who pretend to be drunk to try and act cool are the lowest of the low (besides who goes on smogon when they're wasted :/)
    hi i was just watching the second lord of the rings at my friend's house but then i had to go to bed!!!
    and it had just started too i was at the part where gollum says wraiths on wings that part is p cool huh
    HEY man you didnt say please what would your mother think if she saw you now
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