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  • Well do you have MSN? It will be faster as ALWAYS when I'm on the internet/computer I'm there but I'm not here always.
    Why is you thread locked? And aren't we going to trade?

    Also, those are the only pokemon I wanted. It's a three for two deal. Me giving three, and you giving two and one fodder pokemon.
    Hey as for the charmander a different member of the giveaway members is going to distribute so once he gets his copy I will let you know
    Hello, I saw you had my shiny Vulpix in your thread. I would like to ask that you not trade it; only certain users have distribution rights.
    I saw that you wanted my Haunter. I would be willing to trade it to you with only semi-redistributable rights and only if you make sure to let people know it is mine. I will take Christian's Entei for it if that sounds good.
    I'll just write down 2 credits for you that you can cash in any time. I'm really tired right now so I'm going to bed. Thanks again for the cloning and stuff!
    I'm online. I'll give you the 3 and then wait online for you to come back with 2 of each. Also, could you teach Rotom Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball since those are just easy TMs?
    He knows Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Light Screen, and Body Slam, but I'd like for the clone to know Stealth Rock, Bullet Punch (heart scale), Meteor Mash, and Earthquake.
    Well I need 3 things cloned. I have a Rotom, Shroomish, and Metagross. I need the original and one copy of Rotom. I need the original and one copy of Shroomish. I need the original and one copy of Metagross, but one of the Metagross' also needs some TMs/move tutors.
    Does 2 credits for that sound fair?
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