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  • because i use a mac, i am limited on the resources that some other youtubers use. For this reason, i use iMovie11, which has all the basics needed, as well as recording feature, and uploading in HD.
    I'm sure if you use a PC, you can record either via webcab or the mic in your computer (if you have one) and somehow extract the file to your video editing software. Which software do you use?
    and the stone edge missed too! :(
    The Sucker Punch would have done 93.2% - 109.9%, so that could have been quite the game changer if you would have KO'ed claydol.
    Nonetheless, awesome battle. Can i youtube?
    Lmao im trying him as a life orb lead working pretty well actually tbh. People expect me to be locked into a move but then i can switch and uturn out.
    oh man, i should have recorded that battle! :O :O :O
    You up for another one? Or just another battle in any specific tier?
    i'm gonna be perfectly honest, I play stall because it's annoying.

    I figured I'd pick a team that fit my personality. XD
    Hey, good game! :) Can't believe you turned it around. If only Dewgong hadn't gotten critical on that shadow ball I might've won!
    hey i'm coming :)

    just wanted to let u know most of my team is UU, and I'm a little nooby, so don't be too disappointed ;)
    it was my first with all of mine but anyway great game! hope to battle again sometime
    Uggggggggggh. I hate my ISP!!!!!!!!

    This is so stupid! I have 2/3 bars at all times, yet I d/c? I'm so tired of this T.T

    GG again. You're right, your team did kind of suck lol. It was fun while it lasted at least.

    I'm gonna go break something -.-
    Yeah, he's my Edward Scizorhands because I'm fucking clever. I don't carry stone edge/rock slide though, so that gligar made me mad.

    If you want, I can reset my modem and we can try a roulette. I can't promise it'll be completed, so it's up to you lol.
    I'd also like to say how mad I am that you're now looking for a roulette battle. I spent 2 hours looking for one today and nobody would bite :(

    But yeah, it was a good game. I expected you to switch out, and I'd have just hit the swift coming in, or switch out myself back to mothim and take whatever you had with my pro mothim goodness :p

    I was actually surprised slash lived that explosion. Pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless.
    Ugh. I have a feeling that was me. Wouldn't let me join you when you tried to host, and my connection is giving me problems over wifi (part of why I said I'd try again in the thread). Tough to say from there, but I think I had you, since your espeon can't really touch me and I was gonna taunt that turn (tbolt isnt an ohko and espeon was gonna get trapped).

    Gg either way, and if it WAS on my end, I apologize for the d/c
    thats true, stabbed shadow ball with stab wouldve done a lot more than your hp something. haha but my lanturn was spec d and hp bulky. good game nonetheless
    good game man!!! close battle...thats going on my channel, ill give you a shout out!!!
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