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  • 1. IF you wanna see if somebody has a thread, just go to their profile page and click Statistics > Threads Started.
    2. If you wanna see if somebody is online, just go to their profile and post a VM and also look for the green dot.
    Hey Mitchell. It's been 5 days since you've had those Bronzongs... Just wondering if you're done with them. Would like it now cuz i wanna use them for a tournament i'm having.
    Now can you please stop spamming the SQSR over something as stupid as wanting to HACK a suicune?
    can you ev train 2 versions of it?
    252 HP / 84 Atk / 80 Def / 92 SpD
    252 HP / 60 Atk / 104 Def / 92 SpD
    It's a LONG story Bowser. I seriously feel like I'm being targeted by the mods lol. The infractions expire in a few days anyways, so I'll be back! I'm not going to make these mistakes again lol.
    If they arent clearly displayed anywhere, how am I supposed to know what you ban or don't ban. Your sig is disabled, so if you expect anyone to follow your rules, you have to post them when you post for a battle request. Otherwise, using events is perfectly fine with you. I know you arent the only one that bans them, but the good majority of people dont. And usually when you accept to battle someone, thats how it works, at least in 99% of battles I've been in. Latias has nothing to do with events, look at half the events out there, they do next to nothing. Plus, if you expect to be able to play well in the standard metagame, you should be able to play against these "annoying events", just a tip.
    You had no right to DC if you don't say your rules. And tbh, if you ban that stuff, I wont attempt to play you again. I play by standard rules, and I generally don't like to be restricted, because I try to play competitively, which means I need to have my teams ready and going. Plus, generally when you agree to play someone who is hosting the challenge, you play by their rules.
    that yanmega was choice specs with tinted lens which tinted lens make a move more effective if its not very effective like if its bug buzz vs scizor then it would be 90+STAB=135 but to scizor its 1/4 effective, but with tinted lens its only 1/2 not very effective and with the choice specs my special attack is 546 so thats why it was doing so much damage. And notice i didnt kill your umbreon?
    Last time I checked, Rotom was OU but latias was Uber. Hm...and I believe Machamp was OU too...and Ambipom could learn elemental punches...
    buddy, your saying how "if you can't handle latias, dont play ou" but you ban rotom? if u can't handle rotom, dont play ou
    lol ofcourse somebody is a noob because he cant handle an OFFICIAL uber, sure
    no need for the insult. i can handle latias verry easily but seens is an uber i dont wanna see it. ure the NOOB if u cant fight without it.
    If I don't get Chimpy back by Saturday of this week, you're on the wagon to my thread blacklist
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