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  • Hey man were opps for the BW doubles tour, I'm GMT+12 and can only after this weekend since i'm away. Lemme know about you, thanks.
    hey Awesome thanks man i have not been able to down load it casue of a City wide Power Outage lol I'll down load it when I can ok and Btw you should Call me sometime
    don't worry about it man, I was just thankful that I finally had one battle that didn't end in a dc. Let's try to get a rematch at nats alright mate?
    Yea it was me lol, sorry to seem like a jerk by D/C'ing but Pokecheck put me in a bad position to train. I'm really paranoid about my Nationals team being possibly stolen from Battle Videos, so I've been avoiding alot of Trainers I think are 'good Americans' I've been fighting alot of Japanese and other countries just to be safe. Sorry though D:
    Oh yeah, gg. Man I was sure I was screwed from the start because I misclicked and brought Amoonguss instead of Chandelure, heh.
    Mario Party games are always welcome! And sounds good, I'll send a message once we figure it out. Gotta find out if my brother is coming or not first, he's the one that's filming.
    Hello there! Yes, I thought that might have been you on there. My signal strength turned red, it played out the rest of the turn but then disconnected me. It's been a little weird today, so it's a shame about the battle - but at least we were only a few turns in.
    Actually has to be some time tomorrow I guess, but yeah, weekend if you can let Alaka know to give us more time.
    I'm working on my team still, but it should be done early this week.
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