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  • That's not bad at all man.
    Hope your not disappointed :)
    You have to say that elemental dragon is alittle broken though haha xD
    That's a ridiculas way of losing, espeacially in the finals. Tough luck dude. But I'm sure your gonna kick ass in the regionals :D
    Bad luck man, but what in the world is that sudden death rule? Ive been away from Yu-Gi-Oh for awhile, same as pokemon
    Wow I love Yu-Gi-Ho too, good luck in the regionals! If you are just getting into gen 6 and need something just give me a shout, I can provide stuff like items, self bred pokes for free :)
    Thanks, I think I'll need it! Just changed 80% of my team, hope to get it done by tomorrow so I can do some practice. Oh well I'll give it a shot anyway, at least I can learn from it.

    And why not getting gen 6? That would be a nice comeback though :)
    Yeah I'll just give it a shot. Thank :) Just started practicing on GBU, but I suck pretty hard at it xD
    I'm not doing much here either, changed the name of my thread to Buckert's Showroom, since it just is a showroom, I'm not trading anymore. Only RNG abusing some stuff for the upcomming tournament on Pokémon GL.
    So you're still sticking around here too :D So nice to see some people I recognize :) How are you doing?
    Hi lord I have a question, If i use some code to eancrease the catch rate on Pokemon FR/LF for example 100% catch rate will be affect on the legitimacy of the pokemon?
    yeah, also I need someone can bring me a parent with pursuit, whirlwind and curse, on 4th gen but i canot find any, this can only be posible on HG/SS games, i have tropius with curse and whirlwind and cranidos, but i canot finish the parent because i dont have pokemon HG/SS games
    It's 3am over here now, stayed up late doing a report so this is so not my usual time but yeah I'll check that link when it's ready xP
    Yup I know my way with .pkm (using shinydts/shinygts/pokecheck and pokegen to extract events). aww hope you find your DS anyway, it's not nice to lose that baby :3
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