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  • i just had an idea for the labyrith. You could do what zarator did with the raid zone and make a social group for it! This way you could keep all raids semi under your control and not clog up the ASB sub-forum. i came up with the idea while browsing Social Groups and I think it could make the labyrith really good. Of course you'd keep the first thread you posted in the sub-forum as well as a prize claiming thread but other than that you could operate through a social group!
    I'd say it's a matter of days or weeks. The first run is looking to take quite a while; and after that will be the open beta.

    ...Don't ask to be in the beta here. Don't do it. Once it's time; the main thread will go into beta mode and you'll know when that happens.
    Hey LoiusCyphre. I'm just wondering when the next test for your Labyrithis coming, as I would like to be part of it as well.
    I'm going to be a bit late getting to the labyrinth, so you and the others go ahead.

    This way, we can see how a group works, and a person by him/herself
    If any battle uses 3 pokemon or less, you send as 3 (if possible) to the ref. If you don't want to use this then you can say in the challenge thread to "only PM one pokemon to the ref." Hope this helps and I will send ganster my pokemon now.
    I'm taking you vs XVICaliber; PM me your team and keep a sharp eye on the match; if you and XVICaliber are active, we can do this in half an hour tops.
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