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  • Everyone's back on now; Objection's just told me about it. No worries, it was some admin mucking with scripts.
    1) Yes it does say "DW Unlocked" next to Friend Guard
    2) Yes it is good to know
    3) Herp derp, thought it was Scraty, not Snorlax, whose action was replaced by Metronome...X_X

    Posting actions now.
    I'll get it done real soon Lou, sorry for the wait, net's been down.
    'I can't connect to our match. This is sad.

    You were about to destroy my eel and Rhyhorn anyway, but I don't want it to look like I ragequit.'

    Who are you? o_o
    Before I forget, if you don't mind, can you wait until the next round of approvals before you put up the OP to my battle with OD? I just forgot that one of the Pokemon I'm using hasn't been approved just yet...Thanks in advance.
    hey louis. Saw you wanted to ref IAR v Texas. Would you be willing to ref me v Ullarwarlord instead? :) Would much appreciate lol.
    You need to ref the battle between me and Orcinus Duo, plus you need to choose actions vs Spenstar
    Arenas: The Match Seeker is expected to provide an Arena for battle; however, they may forfeit this right to the opponent in exchange for posting second. Arenas have the most far-reaching consequences for a match and can have any attribute the designer wishes, including structural move restrictions. It is assumed that when a Challenger accepts a Seeker's challenge, they agree to the Arena and any of its inherent traits/restrictions/effects. Arenas can be simple or complex.

    From the Battle Tower thread. If it means that much, I'll post first.
    If you need some inspuration just go with a lot of vine traps. So pokemon either need to take a detour or cut through them to get to the destination quicker. Also some fallen trees could never go wrong. As said in the utiliy moves Bounce could be used to clear the tree easily.

    Also, I'd be willing to help you out with anything to do with the Labyrith if you need any help further down the track. So if you need help shoot me a VM.
    Yo. If you ever drop online, feel free to update us all on the status of Labyrinths. If you aren't gonna be active, I'm sure there are a LOT of people willing to take over stuff.
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