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  • And what about the third pokemon? When you only want to trade two Pokemon i would take Dialga and Giratina.
    My FC 4254-8538-4381, what is yours??
    I wanna the lonly Giratina, timid Ho-oh (both from Mat i think) and the hasty Dialga from Johli :) You wanted adamant Groudon und adamant Deoxys, right?
    Hey :) I have time but i don´t know if my internet is good, there would be disconnects, but we can try :)
    I have been it's legit...Smogon tolerates Wonder Card hacks...It's RNG it's legit
    in a way it's hacked, because you need an Action replay code to battle him, everything else is fine, its just i dont want to see you go on the Black list.
    Yes, it's a Hall of Origins Arceus. being from a pokemon file doesn't make it hacked (persay, by certain definitions). The question is whether it's legitimately caught, or if someone used the action replay for both the wonder card and the IVs.

    I suggest checking the catch-date. If it is a "random/high date", then it is probably RNGed. If not, it's probably not. :(
    You cannot get a shiny arceus except by the unreleased mystery gift for G4.

    I believe I recognize the OT, I think he's on Smogon, and he may have hacked the mystery gift option, but he wouldn't have hacked the pokemon itself. It's probably legitimately RNGed. The best thing to do is to google the OT, ID#, and pokemon name and see if you can find the thread it camefrom, or someone else on Smogon who has it (and is trustworthy). Where did you get the pokemon to begin w/?
    I would take the Ho-oh and the Giratina from Mat and teh Dialga from Johii ( what username he has??) if it is ok for you ;)
    Do you need clones back??
    VM me if your able to trade ;)
    Awesome~! Did you see anything else you liked?

    Are you free to trade now? If so, use my Pearl FC. What's your FC?
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