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  • οχι!δεν ειναι chansey,blissey ειναι bold nature απο Ace πιασμενο απο poke ball(πιθανοντατα hatch) ability natural cure flamethrower,aromatherapy,toxic softboiled και αν ειναι δυνατον το special defense του αγγιζει τα 307!επεισης ειναι flawless και ev trained, αν ενδιαφερεσε ακομα πες μου,αν οχι πες μου αν σ ενδιαφερει κανα pokemon απο το thread μ
    Έλα Λουκά τι γινεται?Ναι εστειλα pm στο Slashmolder που προγραμματιζει το reporter και ετσι μου πε και αυτος.Οι εικονες στα development notes ειναι απο μενα :D
    Something about the clock determines the seed. The timing is unknown.

    Address of the PRNG state and other stuff is in the RNG research thread. I hope you have a way of transferring saves between emulator and retail memory card. Should test that before you RNG anything.
    Well the entire XD tab on the Time Finder does nothing. It was supposed to figure out the timing you need for a certain seed but that doesn't really matter...
    SR a lot, plug the seed into RNG reporter's main window XD/Col method, and hope for the best. Battles advance the PRNG a lot.
    Thanks for the trade. Even though I could have downloaded one of these from Pokécheck I still prefer to do real trades.
    It's in my sig. I'd rather trade in 5th gen first though as I tend to have problems with 5th gen if I just traded in 4th for some strange reason.
    If you're still around shoot me a VM. I should be here for a couple of hours after this message.
    If you trade it to me in 4th gen I'll teach it the moves. If not then Skill Swap TM and Icy Wind tutor please.

    Let me know when you can trade.
    Oh no problem mate! And yeah I did abuse a Cresselia once, but that's over a year ago lol. But what I think is, maybe you can try to do 108 advancements. And which frames are you having when you do 109, and when you do 114 advancements?
    I was on holiday, sorry Loukas :(
    Yes, I can help you but I need some time to riorganize my situation xD
    I'll contact you when I'm ready (1 day)
    By the way, how on earth do I do over 19k advancements in Platinum? I knew I could on HGSS with the radio, but is there a shortcut in PT? .. xD
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