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  • I will be on tonight for a couple hours. Tomorrow should work as well, I'll let you know for sure though tomorrow evening.
    We should have a long overdue lesson at some point tonight. I'll be on #stark as iDiesel.
    I'll be on IRC sometime tonight (11ish, probably), if you'll be available. Sorry I haven't been more active.
    Note to self: I shouldnt even play around in the internet w/o being judged in such a ridiculous way, thxs!

    Also since I dont want to argue with CaptKirby any longer and he can no longer see my shit, how stupid can he be? A dumbass like CaptKirby is a prick who has little in real life social skills whatsoever, so he tries to make himself into a greater piece of shit in the internet. He just cant see that I was playing around and he went as far to call that shit verbal harassment? At least Yeti had a legitimate reason in saying what she had to say, but CaptKirby was just a third-party idiot who just wants to start a flame war on even the littlest shit. Yea, CaptKirby.. thxs for trying to pick a fight with me for something that is a week overdue that did not even involve you and please learn to read social skills better.

    P.S. Thxs Captkirby for calling me a heterosexual. I love approaching women just cause I prefer women>men. I apologize though if my past actions cause anyone offense.
    I do not care about your character, just like I do not care about defending two fucking banshees. All I know is that you are acting like you did nothing slightly "wrong". Yeah, it does not matter when you bother people on the internet, but you randomly harassed people, i.e. just fucking approaching them for being women. It is bigotry, and they have a right to call it creepy or whatever else they want. I am not "coppin motives" - I am calling you a dumbass.
    Lighten up? I fucking despise these girls you are chatting up, I am not defending their honor or some shit. I am just saying that you have some incredibly weird (and pretty clearly wrong) idea of something here. "In the mood to talk to girls whom in my experience" blah blah you are saying incredibly weird shit. It is fine to want to talk to nerdy girls, and it does not have to be horny or desperate, but whatever the hell you are presenting is as clumsy as it can be.
    While Yeti is a retard, it is pretty incredibly weird the way you are phrasing shit. "I wanna be diverse on the internet" is about the weirdest shit I have heard. Obviously there are some very cool girls on the internet, but saying "I am going out of my way to meet you because of DIVERSITY" is kind of creepy actually!
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