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  • What is the state of my match with Woobly Cabbage? Has he sent you his team yet?
    I can't change abilities in the middle of the battle, so Adaptability it is. I'll edit the post accordingly.

    Also, I thought it was Switch=KO, but OK <_<. Sorry about that.
    What does Recoil have to do with anything, if he can't use Ice Punch due to the fact that he freakin' died before he could get it off Murkrow would still be alive, I believe you are forgetting that Rock Polish lets Rhyhorn act before Privatyke.
    I'm not going to accept you as the ref of whatshisface and myself's 1v1, both because (and I'm not attempting to insult you here) you've shown yourself to be patently incompotent in my experience with you and you're wanting to extend the DQ to unreasonable lengths. If you show evidence that you know what you're doing and are willing to keep the DQ time at 2 days, I'd be willing to accept you as our ref; if you cannot fulfill one or both of those conditions, consider this a concrete refusal from me.
    ...its a doubles battle. 2 pokemon on each side, not three. Therefore, each pokemon has 3 actions, making Random's actions as legal as it can be.
    He had 35 hp last round, my first attack dealt 25 damage, my second dealt 11, 11+25=36, ergo he is dead and doesn't attack me. That's all I'm saying.
    huh? He used a combo on the second turn, it is totally legit. The CAP ASB guide says that:

    Every move in a combination attack counts towards the three action limit per round. This means that you can't combo four moves into one action, and you can't launch more than one two-move combos in a single round. Effectively, during action one of a round, you can launch a three move combo, a two move combo, or just a standard action. During action two, you can launch a two move combo, or just a standard action. During action three, you may only launch a standard action.

    Meaning that he can indeed use a combo move on the second action, as he did. Nothing wrong here.
    Lyris, we simply restart as that first round never happened. Your mons will use the actions they were ordered, since when you ordered you thought you had to face Eevee. I only gave Eevee actions because I obviously didn't give any.
    Alright, I'll let you know if I need your help. (which I shouldn't unless if something crazy happens) BTW, has HD said anything?
    So... do you want me to ref the rest of Bagon vs Darthvader, or do you want to do it yourself?
    The reason that your "Aim Upwards" Charge Beams continue to miss, is that you cannot use flavour in the Battle Hall. You can only Attack, Chill or issue a "Dodge" command.
    That's kind of the point of ASB and it gives the ref some creativity, but could you please be consistant with the other ref and just let it work thanks. ;)
    Yeah, but i just did so a few minutes ago, had to wait for all the stuff to get approved. It should be up shortly
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