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  • You are officially subref as of here for this battle.
    Could you get the round up ASAP? I really don't care about flavor at this point.
    Hehe. I'm also a Subway Ref, as a matter of fact.
    Keep trying, and you'll be able to ref RPs too!
    The fact still remains you will be using Lucario (a rank 4 mon) against rank 1/2 mons. Which I am not, and will never allow.
    You're joking right? You can't evolve in the middle of a battle hall challenge. That ruins the entire concept of ranks.
    And I would never change a rule because one person 'really wants' it.
    well actually I have a match against torfengatr and another against gerard we just don't have refs yet. And my match against steampowered is still in progress so that's 3.
    "The Pokemon distracts their opponent at a crucial moment, stealing the effect of any healing, stat boosting, or supportive move."

    My understanding is that a teammate is not an opponent. I'm merely going by what the DAT says. Even if the DAT was false, why would you want to steal boosts from your teammate?
    Lyris, only one day left on my battle vs TEA DEMON I would really
    appreciate if you were more punctual. Remember 4 days is a Maximun time you are allowed to post by so you better be a little bit Hasty (A bit like my Zoroark on Pokemon online)!
    No, I wanted to be the solo team. I have stronger Pokemon and a variety of FE's, NFE's and everyhting in between.
    Dude, you need to ref your battle. It's really important as a ref to be punctual, otherwise the battle becomes boring for the competitors. You know this yourself as a battler.
    Keep going!
    it's all good lol, i know it can be extremely easy to get distracted by the slightest things. ;p
    Hi there, your battle is up. deadfox081 has posted, so you're up! Post your mons, abilities, & actions. Thank you in advance.
    No problems, just come on IRC whenever and we'll talk about what's going to happen.
    "Did you mean Kibago?"

    Yep, sorry about that. That bunch was for Kibago.
    Honestly, I don't think I'm ready for more complicated battles just yet, so I'll have to pass on this one :/ good luck finding battlers though!
    Yeah, I'm over the DQ time. I asked the combatants for an extension in the thread and I have the calcs done; I just need to add flavor and post. Thanks for the warning, though.
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