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  • Hey maaf we are playing for week 1 of the home fields tourney. I got subbed in for villari and I'm the home player. I choose bw uu. Will be on grotto a lot today so hit me up and we will battle
    we're opponents for the RPT, I have an odd schedule during your time throughout this week, like I'm active from 11pm your time to 6 am, lol (I'm GMT -5 (EST)). I hope we can do this on the weekend, where my time is a lot more open. I'm active from 9 am my time to pretty much midnight, which is I think 5pm to 6am your time.
    Maaf est beau, maaf est génial, maaf est pas du tout rageux, meilleur membre le plus fairplay 2013 et bg 2014.
    Oui. J'ai un truc à te demander.
    Hey Maaf, waited as long as I can for you to turn up. I'm not going to be playing anymore tonight (I've had my fill) I'll next be on and able to battle on Saturday.
    Awesome, I'd prefer to play Wednesday (I think I'm busy Tuesday) How does 8pm GMT sound to you?
    Hey Maaf! I'm your new opponent for Home Team advantage! I'd like to face you in BW2 LC if that's alright. I'd prefer to set a time/date we can play rather than play right now.
    Great. I would like to play DPP instead though, BW2 really sucks lol, is that okay?
    Yo we are paired for home field advantage week 8 but we can play whenever and I would like to do my battles asap. I am the home team and I choose BW OU. I am GMT, let me know when you want to play.
    Merci. Btw j'ai joué la première fois Machamp grâce à la team que tu m'avais filé (Champ/Tran/Rose/Kingdra/Gyara/Gliscor) et depuis y a pas d'autres lead que j'ai préféré jouer que Machampion.
    friday evening is the worst day for me actually... I think I could try to be at Saturday evening (7-9 pm maybe?)
    I can play any day at 11:30 pm (or later)on weekdays, and during the afternoon on weekends. Weekends' evenings are not a good time for me to play because I probably won't be at home...
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