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  • Do you think we can fight on Tuesday for LC Open? 11 PM EDT works best for me (currently 1:05 AM). If Showdown is up again, I will be on as Pocket or Junkies, so chall me if you see me (don't PM). If Showdown is still MIA, can we play on PO2?

    Let me know!
    Hey there - I'm sending this to every participant who still hasn't completed their match regardless of whether or not they've scheduled something, but just a reminder that you have two days left to complete your NU Open match. Post any concerns with activity in the thread, thanks!
    Can we hold off for today? I have an Ubers Open matches to complete, and I'd like to do some last-minute testing with LC teams :x

    If Friday doesn't work for you, what about the weekends?
    Look just take the win, I'm really too busy this week and next to be playing Pokemon (I'm working every day, while also preparing for other interviews). I didn't even play the first round anyway, so I guess it's only fair that you get a free win.
    Six Kings, we have till Sunday to complete our LC open matches! I'm usually available after 11 PM EDT (currently 3:15 AM -_-); I can go on-line 3-6 PM on Friday if that's more convenient.

    Does Showdown work for you? Let me know :)
    I gave you an extension on your NU Open match. Please get it done in the next two days, thanks!
    Hello again. Just as as reminder I'm Brap from England (GMT+1). This time we have to battle for UU1 + GhostlyJelly. When can you battle?
    LOL I didn't even play my Round 1 match.

    Anyway, my time zone is GMT +10. I'd generally be available in the evenings after 7:30pm. I might be available on Wednesday in the day time (not available on Wed evening), so if you can catch me, we can do it then, too. I'd be on PS, so just PM me on PS if you see me (I'd be at the top where all the other mods are).
    "You have been disconnected - possibly because the server was restarted." I have troubles... :(
    GMT -8 ;_; Ok, could you play tomorrow (sunday) or monday at 10AM your time?
    Ey, we are paired in the UUOpen. I would like play at the weekend. Im GMT +0. When is a good moment for you?
    yeah i can battle tonight my time, or around this time tomorrow, so about midnight for you.

    i'll stay logged in on ps when i can under the name pedrophile, so PM me there if/when you see me.
    so I am your victe- i mean opponent for r1 of the NU Open.
    I'm not available Sunday or between 4 and 7pm USC (10pm and 1am GMT) today. other then that I'm fairly available.

    At your convenience
    Hey, we're matched up for the Ubers Open.
    My GMT is -4. I generally get on 5 PM+ during the week and on all day in the weekend.
    Give me a day that works so we can get this done.
    hey, we're paired up for the uu open. i can play tonight hopefully and i'll be on #genvuu on irc under the name sci-fiction
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