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  • Haven't seen you on all day :/ Well there was an extension. Here is my work schedule for the next 3 days. Please specify an exact date and time of when you will be available to play our match.

    Monday (9/27) 8AM-4PM
    Tuesday (9/28) 12PM-8PM
    Wednesday (9/29) 11AM-7PM
    Hey Merii, hopefully we can get our match done today. I have to leave at around 5 PM PST though. If we don't finish, it'll have to be on Sunday after church
    I was working most of the day. Today (the 23rd) will be the same. I will however, definetly be on tomorrow (Friday) anytime before 5 PM. So feel free to pick a time :x
    I can do Wed afternoon if you would like. Either that or Thursday afternoon/night or Friday.
    lol yeah i work/school too. ill try for thursday/friday. but i know ill be online all day Wednesday. im sure we'll get this done with plenty of time left.
    Hi Merii :) Since I will be working a lot and busy most of this week as well as the forum lag from B/W release, would you mind playing our match either Thursday or Friday Morning/Noon time? I see we're both in the same time zone and I'm on pretty frequently so it shouldn't be too hard to catch me.
    Meh, it was my own fault but I didn't feel like wasting my time. We should do another battle a different time, I'm going to make my homework now
    I love how this battle is going to suck because I misclicked on the 2nd turn, obviously wanted to go for fire blast but clicked fake out by accident -_____________-
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