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  • You trolled me (you wouldn't bother posting that if you weren't expecting such a reply), so I replied appropriately.
    Apparently, you cannot grasp this: I only reply harshly to those that troll me first. I do not insult without a reason, therefore looking on a pitiful troll's (PttP's) profile to try to find my actual personality is borderline idiotic. It's as simple as that.
    Because that's false. They're simply trolls by nature - no matter however you wish to lie for them.
    You are biased - want to see my real personality? Then stop being wholly retarded and look on a person's profile who doesn't troll me. For example, Buckert, Nebilim, Azure Demon, Shii, etc.

    I reply harshly because I'm replying to flamers/trolls (read: you, Forte, many others)
    I'm more than, if not just as, intelligent as any of them. Seeing as you're a biased party (hating me without a reason), your opinion doesn't matter.
    Sorry I didn't end up getting to it, I was really busy that night and before I knew it it was done. My bad.
    I keep seeing it in the GP queue and going to do it, but I can't really give you another check until you implement the one Calm Pokemaster did (because otherwise I'd likely just be repeating the same corrections). Once you implement the first check, I'd be glad to, though!
    i dunno i was pretty bored and no one else had done that.
    I actually considered playing it but i hate having to download games so...
    hey dude, im you're tutor for this round of b101. whenever you have time, i'd like to get started. do you have irc? and if not, can i help you get it set up?
    6.1-8.6 or something
    fuck I'm not going to check th thread, but it was over two.
    Because it's only marginally related to the topic I'm just going to post this here instead.

    It's over 1000.
    Not 100.
    I know what a log scale is.

    Graph courtesy of wikipedia.

    Assuming 6.5 and 8.5 for the sake of convenience, thats 10^14.5 for 6.5 mag and 10^17.5 for 8.5 mag.
    10^17.5/10^14.5 = 1000
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