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  • Cool.I was wondering why you sent me an invitation;you don't even know me
    Hi I am a NooBs and I wants to be in more NooBs groups. Cans I pleaz joinz da hell razor gimmick. I kill flies and stuff.
    Lol, I find it quite ironic that BS is helping your group more than he's hurting it (which definitely isn't much, if even at all) xD
    Thanks for the clarification.

    I didn't want to join and wind up not having the necessary requirements.

    I'll join now
    Thanks for the invite but I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline on the basis that I don't battle very often. Sorry.
    Hell Razors? Can I join? Sounds fun. I could kill users indiscriminately, and it would be okay!
    And I don't appreciate you insulting my intelligence. Why I would even want to spy on you is a marvellous question. Your group description sounds like my kind of thing. Although it may be true that I discovered your group in the TRC assassins thread, I've been delving into finding out more about you since. Might you consider allowing me to join for a limited time and, if anything happens to leak, you would immediately cancel my membership? Give me a small time limit that would make it impossible to gather a relevant amount of information and then, perhaps, you could allow me to stay? I am determined to prove to you that I have no plans to spy on you sir.
    Strange that my status would say that considering that I was offline at that time. And I honestly had no intent on spying on your group, I am sincerely interested in your group. I'm not actually aware of why BattleStar dislikes you at the moment, but that's his problem, not mine. And yes, you are correct about the origins of my avatar, to some degree, but it's actually from Bowser's Inside Story :)
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