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  • well, if the wife says it, not much I can do. :P

    Yeah, that's fine. I also forgot what a pain PBR was, I can't use one of my Pokemon 'cause it's on another team. If your team is available on the DS, want to do our match on there instead?
    hi mattj, still owning with scarf zapdos on PBR? I'm still looking at a large variety of options in making a team for next year, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
    ah, good to know. Some of my Pokemon were unusable 'cause of region, but I fixed that.

    Can't wait to run into team of Arceus clones - that Dialga x4 match I played was just sad.
    ah, really? Can't wait to see those new teams - 21 battles, 1 loss (to you.) I kinda prefer the DS when it comes to team switching though.

    I guess it isn't bad - I never would've gotten that far without all that practice.
    heh, ty. I might stick with it since it works so well - I won about 20 matches against randoms on PBR using it, but I could probably have done that with any team.
    hahaha, yeah.

    I was shocked when I saw that Scarf Zapdos - that thing kills in the rain. :)
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