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  • Hi, we're paired for DPP farm league. My timezone is GMT -5, let me know when you are available.
    Yo we are paired for the Farm League DPP OU. Let me know your timezone so we can schedule a meeting.
    If it's ok with you, could we play in about 36 hours or so (i.e. one day from your suggested time)? I'm a little busy that morning. Otherwise I can play at about 12am my time (in 24 or 48 hours from my posting this) which is 2pm your time. Sorry if this is inconvenient at all.
    Hey, we're paired for the farm league thing for DPP. I'm GMT +11, available from about 11am to 1am depending on when you're available.
    Mine is +1 too. I can play every evening except today ofc. What do you think about tomorrow evening ?
    umm....thats going to be a bit of a problem then, i'm more active over the weekends :l
    i'm back at home now, so if you get on today or tomorrow just let me know bro!
    That sounds good, but I think, 10 AM your time is 7 PM my timezone if I didn´t make a mistake... (7 PM would be fine as well)
    I´m from Germany actually :)
    Ok, Saturday is fine, I have a soccer game on that day at 2:30 PM so I'll probably want to get it done earlier than 1 PM. Perhaps at around 10 AM my time? (8 PM your time). Also, what country are you from? I assume it's in or near the Middle East.
    Yo, we gotta play for Team Trials Round 2. Tell me when you can play, I live in GMT - 8.
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