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  • Oh wow, Almost a year since our last VM :), I actually might still have those BPs I did for you in the past, Would need to check a bunch of my carts if you still wanted them!
    lol no problem/hard feelings :)
    As always you get to trade the castform as well (only me and you!)
    I will start on the horsea now
    hey miria want to receive your castform(s) now?
    and you only want that hp flying one right? :)
    For some reason, my browser dislikes your page....no idea why. In any event, I am sorry, but I saw nothing of interest to me.
    It's way easier then gen 4 once you get the hang of it, really.
    I am planning to do some more rng breeding when I get more pokemon ready from the entralink forest :D
    tomorrow afternoon sounds fine for me as well lol, I should be around no problem, and besides youd have time to learn 5th gen breeding. not to hard though, I assure you :)
    yeah, basically :P
    sure I could do it now, let me get that list of whatever it is you wanted lol
    just clone it foryourself and send a copy back.
    Unfortunatly, no, I'm still at work :P (slacking but hey it's Friday, dno if you're around at like 7:30 or so? I should be around in the weekend for the most part as well :D
    yeah, I totally missed you it seems but I was busy with something else at the time. I did trade an Aipom to her, but you should ask if she still wants yours, I do hope we can trade later this week or something :)
    LC version please :3

    Can you trade over the weekend? That would work better for me!
    Oh I'm doing alright. I've exhausted Gen 5 abuse... Started doing Gen 3 abuse... Forgot Gen 4 abuse (but I don't miss it). I'm only trading on one forum, though. I've been caught up with Uni. :(

    How have you been? :3
    Hmm, ok, I'll look at your thread, but only because you like LC (I wish more people did!). :D

    Edit: I like your Jolly Glameow!
    okay, sounds good, I could help you poketransfer that aipom for ChildDaemon though, its the least I could do in return (yeah I have a DS and a 3DS :P)
    Wouldnt want to burden you with cloning stuff I can do as well :D Ill have them ready soon I suppose, probably I have time to do it tonight :P
    so do you want only that or all 3 of them ?
    Just asking to know which mon to RNG next for you , lol
    ok sounds fine, im at work atm but ill get around to cloning them when I get home :P those 3 extra mons you wanted ill consider as gifts, unless you really want to give me back some other mons you breed, I'm fine with either solution :)
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