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  • Shingeki no Kyojin is overhyped. But after episode 5/6 it is been ok I guess. There is lot of bad to say about show, bad animation quality and some people say it is "attack on slideshow" which is true for some parts. It is shounen anime so there will be and there is cliche scenes. Soundtrack is really good and opening theme is really awesome. There are some other and (maybe) better shows in this season. atm SnK = 7,8 (lol it is rated 9 in mal, and it is 8th on list... what the fuck hype) It is probably worth watching because of all shiz on internets like this and this aannd this.
    I can't believe I didn't watch anime for 3 weeks. Yes that is lot for me. It is good to be back in animez. It was kinda hard to get back but after few eps I was like why the hell I haven't watched this epic stuff. Oh yea good luck with tests :)
    The next two weeks will be full of tests and preparations for finals

    As such, I will be inactive on PS and IRC, and I will be on limited activity on Smogon until June 25th, which is most likely when my finals will end.

    I apologize for any inconvience yada yada yada kthxbai
    Well Yeah I know you are busy, hehe. Don't you have summer holiday soon?! :o I have 6/7 days left :)
    Yep and Zac Efron is rumored to be L...... (btw Another is good anime) and BlazBlue is getting anime.
    Death Note live action movie confirmed to be done by hollywood guis... I just hope it is good... wtf
    Starship Damray from creators of 999 and VLR :3 I must buy it, seems to be good game! btw Lucina x who?
    uh idfk im shit at rating stuff

    i do know that i liked the second half though, despite everyone else hating it.
    fair enough, but im sleepy right so i'll talk to you later.. maybe...... ughh i want to something with java...
    Not my fault, the activation email didn't get sent :<

    Also, SAO is fucking awesome. I hear it gets worse later on though, I'm only at episode 15 atm, when Kirito wakes up in the real world
    So humm. Gregor x Cordelia, Gregor is funny and that epic voice is perfect for him. I have saved Anna now! but I'm not sure about Anna x My Unit. Tharja seems to be little psycho but she is still cool, she gives MAG and DEF if I go with her. Also wtf that Olivia is dancer!? Should I use her in general? is it worth it?

    When I should use Master Seal? When unit reaches 20lvl? then about Second Seal?

    Best Music Ever: <3
    I will try them thanks! Oh yea Anna seems to be pretty cool, but I don't have her yet. I'm using Lon'qu and Vaike as partners atm. Vaike gives ATK and DEf for him. Lon'qu has really really good evasion and speed so he is able to attack usually 2 times + 1 (or 2) from Vaike. He is myrmidon so DEF is needed and extra ATK can't be bad. btw Miriel is lvl 1 so I can't really use her. I really wanted to level her but she always died. Same goes for the little mage boy. I don't have any mage atm, except My Char. I'm not really fan of Donnel he doesn't seem to be too powerful. Sure he has nice skill but meh.
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