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  • Ah, sorry! I forgot about that completely. Unfortunately, I won't be able to trade anything for a week, so if you need it now, you'll have to get it from someone else. Sorry!
    I don't know if you saw my post in the Free VGC Pokemon thread, but I'm not offering them for free anymore. Sorry.

    I can offer you the Scizor for a random Male Cubone/Marowak with Detect on 4th Gen.

    I can't nickname the Pokemon either. All of my stuff gets shifted as soon as possible.
    Uhm. I don't think I need it anymore! xD worked it out with tikidude.
    And yea I hope to go to Athens for seniors.
    Thnx for asking, team building has been going decent. The stuff I haven't gotten legit yet I have gotten off of pokecheck solely for GBU testing and such. My success with various teams on PO has been remarkably meh, I am not sure if it is issues with the teams themselves or with my skills.
    Well I have all the stuff in my Gen 4 section in my Gen 4 game. I have a Brave and Adamant Intimitop in my Gen 5 game with Sucker Punch, but I can get one of them from my Gen 4 game if you want a NN. I also have the Karrablast EV trained, evolved, and leveled all ready to go if you want that.
    Ok thats fine. Could I PM you a list of things I need, and maybe you could point me to some trade threads where the things are available? I realized I don't have too much more time before the next actual VGC, and I don't have anything for the team yet
    Oh so I have wifi now and can trade to check Jelli's Evs, or train other things. I think I had wanted Metagross and Porygon2, and Terrakion if you had one?
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