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  • By the way, as many keep complaining about multiple aspects of nearly all subs you do in Crossover Chaos (No offense), please join the Discord server so we can help you doing them in higher quality and so on.
    Hey, it seems you aren't aware, but Crossover Chaos has moved to these threads:
    Also, please don't go as... wild with your subs unless you're sure such things are actually flavorful and aren't too stretched/forced buffs
    Hey bro, some of your subs were discussed in the Crossover Chaos discord and we want to change them but we need your approval. Specifically nerfing X (making so he can only copy attacking moves, not status) and changing Saber's type (making her Dragon or Steel/Dragon).
    Do you mind if I sub my own version of Tamamo next Crossover Chaos slate
    I mean, I'm in no state to deny you permission. The only reason somebody would be denied it is if the character already won a slate. Both my Archer and Nero got votes whereas my Tamamo didn't, so she's obviously not winning.

    Tl;dr go right ahead, I wouldn't be able to stop you anyway.
    Cookie Butter
    Cookie Butter
    Oh okay
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