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  • I have played a smidgeon of UU, but not enough to talk intelligently. I will set up a thread in BABA to talk UU
    I like working with data and using computer programs like excel and Access to analyze numbers. I think I would have been good at cost accounting, which is where you analyse the costs of making things to sell and using tha info to predict waht will happen if you make various business decisions. We do some of that in the hospital, but it is agood field to get into.
    Financial accounting is where you take the results of the accounting system and present it to others and analyse it. To tell you the truth, it is an aquired skill and takes experience to get it right. Not everyone can look at a financialstatement and interpret it correctly
    You can excel at accounting in a number of ways.
    If you go into a field where you are an expert in law or accounting conventions, like taxes or public accounting, then you can excel by accumulating knowledge. Usually you have a good base knowledge of the issues in volved, but you don't ahve every single fact memorized. You don't know every tax law, but you know the concepts of taxation and know when you need to research something, and where to go
    There is a lot of pressure to know everything, so if you are insecure about that type of thing, you might avoid public accounting or taxes.
    Sorry for going on a long time, but I like the accounting part of my job, but the managing other people part is stressful. Employees come and go, so I am always hiring people and training them. And someitmes it is hard waiting for someone else to do something you could do better and quicker, but they ahve to learn.
    Hey nicholas
    Accounting is a grea t career to get into.
    I started out in taxes, working for the Internal Revenue service for about 12 years
    Then I went into public accounting, which is doing accounting for companies that don't have their own accoutants, and doing their taxes. Now I am an accounting manager for a hospital, but it is similar to public accounting in that I supervise employees who do accounting for smaller companies that are partnerships between doctors and the hospital
    Nicholas, Welcome to BABA
    Let me know if you want to battle sometimes.
    Do you battle WIFI or PO/Showdown?
    I prefer Little cup, but I do OU a lot.
    Well, if you want to battle, I'm on the Groudons Grotto server almost all day, so just VM if you want to.
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