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  • Today I can only play ifrom 17:00 until 21:00 (GMT +1), will you be online at those hours?
    hey men, didn't see you yesterday, i'll be online this afternoon, you can play then?
    I understand, man. Hope I get you or someone else familiar in the second round!
    Allright, if I see you tomorrow on PS I challenge you, if not I send you a VM here
    Hey, I was asked if you could perhaps tell if/when you can work on the sprite my brother asked for? I don't mean to hound/pester, just wondering
    Hi, my brother Kevin said that you might have some time open so that i might convince you to work on a trainer sprite for me. The sprite I would like to have modeled after this character here . Pretty much I would just want the sprite to look exactly like that, although having the blue portions a touch lighter would be neat. Thanks for looking at this, and no problems if you dont have the time/inclination for this.
    Awesome,thanks a lot.

    Though ,if it isnt a problem,can you put a bit more chocolate on Vaniluxe's head? Other than that,it is perfect.

    I know you are rather busy with the current CAP,so thanks regardless.

    Oh,and i would prefer if it were each sprite separated with a transparent background,if possible.
    Excellant! the only thing I would want is that his head is more turned to his right like he is looking back at the viewer
    Hi, i heard that you were a pretty cool guy to talk to about doing some spriting stuff, I had a few projects similar to TRG's there (He's my bro) and if you have the time/inclination to help me out with please lemme know.
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