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  • That's right. But you have to determine your parameters before being able to search for seeds.
    Instead of entering in a name like 'Roarke', try entering the username with an @ sign at the beginning like @Hozu or @Bond697
    Sounds great. I don't mind trading that many if it means not having to use Pokésav or Gen..
    The guides may be good, but they're not up to date, it's definitely possible on a 3DS, you just have to enter the game 8 seconds before the desired time.

    Omega and I have made it a policy not to use .pkm files as they can potentially lead to problems regarding the loss of legitimacy of the pokémon themselves. It can be read on the thread itself. Let me see if I can work something out to make the process faster.
    Oh, I don't really like handling .pkm files, so we'll be trading the old-fashioned way (BTW, do you want nicknames on any of them?). The guide you see there is all you need to start breeding and catching, and bearsfan put up a VERY useful video guide on Youtube that you should definitely watch.
    I meant the Dittos you caught for me (as I'm too lazy to go catch more myself, haha).

    I'll give you all of them, though I'll have to give you a different FC because it's too much stuff to transfer to my retail White, so I'll do it from the copied save.

    BTW, RNG abuse in 5th gen is so easy, it's crazy. There are no delays about which to worry. You just enter at the right time and you get the IVs you desire. Entralink stuff is very similar to 4th gen, though.
    In about four hours I should be available to trade.

    BTW, since the Dittos are only used for breeding, I think they should be fully redistributable, but if you wish to keep them semi, I won't complain, haha.

    Also, I have a few other bred or caught DW pokés that aren't listed in the thread like Bold HP Grass Torkoal with SR, Justified Absol with SuperPower, and few others I forget at the moment.
    If you need assistance in team building, let me know. There are some free VGC pokemon out there so take advantage while you can.
    Check the new VGC forum under Pokemon (few below Wifi) as I see there's one in the UK on March 3 and already a topic discussion about it.
    The April crash of 2011 destroyed a majority of the wifi topics as only those that were active one week prior were saved. Best to start all over again unfortunately.

    You missed the Great Wifi Purge of April Fools' 2011... I can't recover it with my mod powers. Hopefully the Wayback Machine (from Feb 2010...) can help.
    Lots of stuff has changed in wi-fi since the last post on your wall - in particular a lot of new mods! Would you believe Ditto's a moderator now? (jk ilu Ditto)
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