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  • Fuck you do. I want to buy some white skinnies and tie dye them. Meh mum is/was a hippy so I'm set.

    IT'S GLORIOUS OUTSIDE!!!!!! Common Dreads is very refreshing, but the constant political references kinda clog it up a little bit if you know what I mean.

    Atyroki lives in Alberta. I'm going to Alberta at the end of the year fingers crossed ^_^
    I buy most of my clothes online because stores around here are terrible <_<

    Where am I supposed to find a HORSE the Band shirt, a Goomba Beanie and Neon Green Skinny Jeans around here? WHERE I ASK YOU?

    i love you.
    Yeah bruv.

    Don't hate on it, I made it when I was 12 haha. But test it first, I don't wanna be responsible for ruining your shirt if something crazy goes down hah.
    GTFO. It looks like a fucking sweet deal shirt.

    I love the caps, I was actually looking at that shirt the other day too man. Get out of my head bro. haha.

    Fuck that sucks man, just cover that shit in ethanol or something, just make sure there's no dye in there so people don't drink it haha. It got rid of a giant sharpie dick I had drawn on the back of MY BRAND NEW FUCKING SHIRT, while I was coma-ed out. Some people have no class, I would have laughed if it was like on my cheek or someshit. /rage
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