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  • Don't be an idiot, I'd just point you in her direction- you'd have to do all the work
    Your last idea for CAP11 is awesome. Best concept. Would like to see the finished product. Looks kind of like the kool-aid guy.
    hahahah it's sooooo wicked.

    Broooo, when? I'm going to aussie in two weeks. Hahah i'm pretty sure they don't exist, just dye your own fool.

    OH MY GOD. I actually could not be more jealous. Like they are the one band I NEED to see before I die.

    I bought tickets to see parkway drive with The Devil wears prada, antagonist and the ghost inside. Holy shit i'm pumped. ONLY 40 bucks!!!!!!!
    You should definitely check out Parkway Drive though, pretty much the best hardcore band to come out of Australia.

    Shit son, pics?
    Hey, I saw your really old post on the "What if [pokemon] was [type]?" with the water flygon. Do you mind if I used it as my avatar?
    Well it seems that I'm not the only one who's a hardcore pokefan.
    What's up.
    I'm super in love with that Octillery, it might turn into a serious thing..
    Thanks buddy <3
    Yeah! I saw your devart picture wit that written on it, I'll totes check them out.
    I've been listening to a lot of grungy punk recently, haha. Some pretty cool ones are Ache Hour Credo (Canadian), Three Letter Engagement (US midwest) and Indian Summer (California). They're all really dirty cathartic recordings. I love love nasty sounding stuff, haha.
    Yeah, it's like so fucking tempting ever since I gots a debit card. hmmmph,

    Fuck, yeah I know. I hate being like tall. Coz the bastards at the store are all like, nah boss we have like half a million in size 9 though. On the flip side, pretty much all nikes fit me. You know what they say about big feet....

    ....big socks

    Haha that sounds all good, i had a seasonal christmas tree selling job, got almost a grand in around 2 weeks, so that was all good. Except now that's p. much all gone so i'm like ffffff >_<
    Take to the skies IS a lot more fun. Solidarity was the first track i listened to and I was like this is pretty tight. Haha I'm gonna paste you up n' cover you in wallpaper
    Screw shelves into you and caaaaaaaallllll you aaaaa wall. Haha good times.

    God yes, the couple they have released are like "*squueeee* Take me now"

    Haha, well my highlighters are neon green/yellow/white so I think that would be a touch too much huh? Though my converses on the other hand... Hahah, fuck I need to get a job, there's just SO MUCH COOL SHIT ON THE INTERNET THAT I WANT TO BUY OMG YES.

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