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    Pokémon Diancie

    What Cobalion set are you using to support Diancie with? I've always liked Cobalion, but I never considered it OU material in XY.
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    Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    Meloetta @ Life Orb / Expert Belt Hasty / Naive: 48 Attack, 252 Sp. Attack, 208 Speed +Relic Song +Close Combat +Shadow Ball +Psychic / Perish Song Meloetta's pretty neat in this meta, thanks to things like Aegislash, Bisharp, Tyranitar, the resurgence of annoying Gengars, and the wealth of...
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    Just wanted to note, thank for you posting that Alomomola set! I've been trying it out on lower...

    Just wanted to note, thank for you posting that Alomomola set! I've been trying it out on lower sections of the ladder and it's been a great switch in to most Greninja, which would previously give my teams a lot of grief.
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Why is Overheat ran over Flamethrower on Manectric? I get that it's a hit and run Pokemon in many instances, but the special attack drop feels too inviting for tanking the now weak and predictable Volt Switch.
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    Pokémon Aerodactyl

    I just wanted to echo the sentiment that Hone Claws Aerodactyl is pretty powerful. Though it's not the most amazing of battles, here is one showcasing MegaDactyl getting to +1 and proceeding to sweep 5 Pokemon ( The set I'd recommend for...
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    Pokémon Tangrowth

    I think investing in the special defense is totally worth it. In a pinch, the recommended Assault Vest Tangrowth is able to take around 75-80% from +2 M.Lucario's Aura Sphere and KO back with Earthquake IIRC. Might need a high damage roll though for that KO back. You're even able to tank things...
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    Pokémon Landorus-Therian

    In the past, people would recommend hidden power Ice and Naive for Landorus-T on pivoting sets to break through Dragon types, but after playing around with it for a bit, simply pairing Landorus-T with some strong fairy type tends to reduce the need for hidden power ice on him. Other teammates...
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    Pokémon Gardevoir

    Though it makes sense for Heatran to run Flash Cannon for fairies, I'm not really sure how many Heatran want to use up that moveslot for such a medicore attacking type, especailly when some of the most relevent fairies outspeed it and can threaten with their own super effective moves, namely...
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    Pokémon Gardevoir

    Thanks for the calcs! Though I tend to run MGardey with Timid, so... those takes would each be doing ~10% less (which is god awful damage), and not really a decent chunk. But hey, the +1 Focus Blast still hits like a champ.
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    Pokémon Gardevoir

    I've found the CM Mega Gardevoir running a standard sweeper spread to be pretty effective (Hyper Voice/Focus Blast/Shadow Ball/Calm Mind). It's easy to find a switch in thanks to the Fairy Typing, especially if someone popped off an Outrage early. Trace also lets you get in on various opponents...
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    When using Mega Houndoom, if you have to choose between Nasty Plot vs. Sunny Day, then the general argument would be that Nasty Plot doubles your special attack, while using Sunny Day to activate Solar Power would just give you a 1.5x boost to your stats (but further boosting fire moves, which...
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    Pokémon Hawlucha

    For Unburden sets, do they need to run max speed? I figure you could probably sacrifice some speed for bulk (what little bulk you've got) because Hawlucha already sits at a very nice speed tier. He's still sadly outsped by things like Greninja, Aerodactyl, Jolteon, 'Zam, Noivern and Weavile, but...
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    Item Weakness Policy

    How about Tyrantum? It's physical bulk allows it to possibly take hits from the physical side, using Rock's weakness to ground and fighting moves, which are most commonly physical. It can also take ice shards but you're better off not fighting something that can throw those at you. A lot of...
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    Pokémon Ampharos

    If you choose to run Agility MegAmpharos, Modest or Timid? Without Timid, you can outspeed up to Greninja with full investment. The main things you don't outspeed anymore are Talonflame (who you can probably beat anyway), Weavile, Noivern, and Aerodactyl. Mewtwo as well, but this is an OU set...
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    Pokémon the starters role in the metagame

    I see Greninja as a parallel to Starmie, where instead of supporting by clearing hazards, it supports by setting them. I don't think he's nearly as threatening as Starmie though because his coverage is ass. However the fact he can rock a LO set with that high of speed and because he has access...